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Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the heartbeat of our restaurant, providing invaluable insights into the dining experiences we offer. Your feedback is vital in helping us create unforgettable dining experiences. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Tom D.

"Just had a wonderful meal here! My wife had oysters (really fresh) and the ahi tuna salad with sweet potato fries. I had the bacon and (deviled) eggs and the pork chops. We split the salted caramel cheesecake. Everything was top notch. Service was impeccable. Great beer list, wine list was small, but varied. Go."


"This place is a hidden gem! My boyfriend and I came for brunch/lunch. We parked at the brewery across the street and walked over. We got the oysters, calamari, Cesar wrap, brunch burger, and a couple drinks. Everything was delicious. Please give the calamari a try. I was skeptical of the watermelon that came along with it, but it was surprisingly tasty! Who would’ve thought calamari and fruit would be such a hit. The oysters were also very fresh. The cranberry mimosa was my favorite, a little tart, but that’s what I prefer. Servers were super nice and helpful! Katie was awesome. Can’t wait to be back!"

Hannah L.

"Have been to Edison Kitchen several times and am impressed with the welcoming atmosphere and vibe, exceptional, attentive, and friendly service and the most delicious food around. The tuna, salmon, mussels and salads are my family's favorites but we love the steaks, fresh oyster bar, burgers and specials. It is so well run and they go above and beyond to make sure everyone has a great experience. They care about their customers and it shows in every detail from the moment you walk in the door to when you leave. Each time I leave, I feel I can't wait to go back! Highly recommend."

Genee W.

"Edison Kitchen has a lot to offer. A fantastic and delicious menu, great atmosphere, and excellent service. Having dined here a few times I can confidently recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a fabulous meal out, leave room for craft cocktails and dessert!"

Joseph M.

"Edison is a fantastic restaurant in Bethel. I go here whenever I'm in town. The atmosphere inside is great, staff is friendly and both the front and back patio are very nice. The food is great as well."

Michael C.

"One of the best places I've eaten. Friendly staff, amazing food, and great price. I've definitely found a place that checks all the boxes when it comes to an amazing dining experience. From top to bottom, every aspect has something inspiring and extra special!

The staff are great: friendly and welcoming! They make you feel part of the team, and part of their extended family by showing off their enthusiasm.

The food is truly incredible too; each plate packs something special that ties it all together. I give full credit to the chefs, who have placed so much effort and passion in creating a menu like this.
You can tell they take pride in the food they serve. Nothing here feels repetitive; instead they've managed to create amazing dishes that taste as good as they look – looks aside, the taste alone is an experience. On top of it all, everything here is amazingly priced for such quality service and food. There isn't anything I would shy away from on their menu.

We are so lucky to have discovered this amazing spot. We will for sure be coming back regularly. If you have not been here, you should stop in. Great experience, highly recommended."

The Cambium

"A true five star dining experience. Every time we come here, the food is amazingly consistent. Excellent seafood and steak. Unique appetizers. And the customer service is equally as good. You will not be disappointed!"

Julieta E.

"Innovative and varied menu with appealing presentations. The chef pays attention to providing nuanced flavors. Everything from cocktails to dessert were prepared and served with focus on pleasing the diner. Add this to your regular dining out rotation and be prepared to fully enjoy yourself!"

Michael P.

"Food was great and the service was better. The oysters were to die for. I highly recommend."

J Fu

"Decided to check this restaurant out on this beautiful Friday for lunch with a friend. The outdoor seating was so inviting and comfortable. Staff were attentive. Drinks were delicious. Food was great! Loved it, would love to go back again!"


"Went there for brunch and it was amazing. Strawberry Nutella waffle was one of the best things I ever had! My boyfriend got the burger and it was so good, staff was great will definitely be returning."

Jacqueline N.

"We went for Sunday brunch and it was Amazing. The live music was a great surprise. The service was great, and the servers were so friendly. We're looking forward to going back!"

Andrew N.

"The staff is super friendly and attentive without being annoying. Stefanie, the bartender, is fantastic. She makes great drinks, and creates them too. Very friendly! The food is good for the most part, the oysters are always fresh and delicious. The atmosphere is very comfortable. You won't be disappointed."

Food of CT

"The newest edition to downtown Bethel is Edison Kitchen, located in the historic opera house building in the former J Lawrence Downtown space. Before I came, I already knew it was going to be fantastic, since the owner was the same restauranteur behind The Foundry and Chef’s Door. The rustic-chic vibe fit the space perfectly, and I was impressed with the variety of their well-rounded menu. We went a bit out of our comfort zone with some appetizers of ahi tuna, the duck liver pâté special, and oysters, but we’re so happy that we did. I absolutely loved the ahi tuna and thought the kimchi mayo was a great pairing, and though we’ve just begun dipping our toes in the sand with both pâté and oysters, they were the best we’ve had so far. The oysters were especially very clean tasting. Unique twists, like an apple cider glaze on the salmon, a butternut squash crab cake, or Bangkok Street Noodles on an otherwise American themed menu were eye-catching and proved to be fantastic. You can absolutely taste the freshness of the ingredients, and I love the chef’s creativity. For dessert, we had the white chocolate pecan bread pudding, which was a great ending to our meal here. Though it’s a new restaurant, the staff was very well-trained and attentive with refilling our drinks and taking away dirty plates. I have a feeling when the word gets out, it’s going to be tough to get a seat here!"

Mark J.

"Awesome new place. I’ve been there probably 5 times and the food is incredible and well-priced. Freshest oysters! Love the duck pate, steaks and they have a burger that is one of the best I’ve had. Cool vibe, good music and lively bar. Sometimes there’s a wait to get in but it’s worth it."

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