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Casual Dining in Newtown, CT

If you’re in the Newtown, CT area, make it a point to grab a meal at Edison Kitchen, a unique American restaurant located inside a historic 1850s opera house. What makes Edison Kitchen so appealing, aside from the unique atmosphere, is the delicious food. We’re a steak and seafood restaurant that features hearty American cuisine. This food is prepared expertly by four chefs with a combined 100 years of experience, including a European-trained chef.  These chefs use simple, fresh ingredients to maximize flavor with each menu item. Our full-time career chefs are passionate about their food.

Stop In for Lunch or Dinner at Our Seafood Restaurant

In addition to mouth-watering food, you can enjoy a great atmosphere when you visit Edison Kitchen. Our casual dining experience includes crafted cocktails and our oyster bar, perfect for seafood lovers in Newtown. Enjoy lunch or dinner at our steak restaurant that’s located in an 1850s opera house which has been modernized, but still honors the historic legacy of Greenwood Avenue.


If you’re in Newtown, CT, we welcome you to visit Edison Kitchen for a casual dining experience you won’t soon forget. We believe good food brings people together. Contact us today to make a reservation or place an order.

Steaks | Cocktails | Raw Bar

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